Someone uploading my work. Any way to get it taken down?

I recently found out that two people uploaded the weeping angel entities i made a while ago. (And never got around to uploading on my own)

After I found out, I decided to finally get around to fixing the angels up for the workshop, and did.
I’ve reported them as stolen, and I’m attempting to contact the original uploaders… With no luck so far.

I remember when the workshop first came out for the Gmod 13 beta, I managed to get some other stolen work taken down via the facepunch forums. I was hoping it could work again.

Here are the impostors.

Any help is appreciated.

I can confirm Pirate Jesus is the author of the Weeping Angel entity. I helped him get some position and angle facing code working.

Thanks again for that. I made sure to credit you in the code, and i just added a credit on the workshop page.

And to eliminate any confusion, this is the page for the legitimate angel

They’ve been banned already, reports always work! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

Someone can delete or lock this thread now if they want.