Someone walk me through installing these two packs

The kitty pack, and the big_gun_pack_v1…Like, for the kitty pack, do i make a new folder in the addons, and extract it there? or what the heck. I read somewhere that if you drag a folder somewhere and it says that do you want to overwrite, if you press yes, it actually combines them…is that really how it works? So yeah i need a real good tutorial.

What is in the .zip or .rar, give out file names

Well in the kitty pack this is what is in it. Lua, materials, and a info. And it wasn’t contained in a folder, you opened the zip file and that was all that was in there. Im probaly going to abandon the big gun pack, because its way too complicated its really screwy. XD

For the kitty pack Select the Lua And Materials and place em in garrysmod/garrysmod

Me too!

Open it up,

Drag Lua, Settings, models, materials (e.t.c)

Drag them to C: / Program files / Steam / Steammaps / (User Name) / Garry’s Mod / Garry’s Mod.

'Sall i do.