Someone Want To Make This?

Okay, I was wondering if anyone would mind making a gamemode out of this idea and have the following things in it…
-It has to be based around a Post-Apocalyptic setting, like for say, Mad Max, or the Fallout Series.
-It has to have a money system, props can be sold to get more money (Ex, A metal pot = $2 And 9mm Ammo = $2 a bullet, or something similar
-Your weapons can be worn out and damaged depending on how often you use them, etc. (You can repair them as well)
-Factions such as, Wastelander, Raider, Military, etc, such as things you would find in a wasteland
-The weapons used can be from games such as CS:S, Half-life 2, And DOD:S, or any other games you would prefer.
-The player models could be from ANY of the following games above (Or to your liking)
-Will be set on the map, gm_apocalypse (If Released, if not, gm_atomic, and other maps with the same setting)
-The HUD, MUST HAVE an ammo indicator, health indicator, armor indicator, and anything else you might think is needed for such a gamemode.
-You can spawn a minimum of 100 props (That cost a certain amount of money to buy) to make a base, camp, etc. (But this shouldn’t be needed if the map is to be set on gm_apocalypse.
-Is to be a somewhat “Serious RP”
-The player has a weight limit to the amount of items he/she can hold. (Make it reasonable)
-Have (Some) Npcs around the map, for Experience points for leveling up.

You may add anything else if you want to, I’m just asking for someone to make a gamemode like this, since there aren’t any to my liking.


One problem, serious RP should not involve “leveling up” like an RPG in my opinion.

When I said Serious RP, I meant that I want it to seem realistic, and not have a bunch of random shit.

Thats realistic rp, check out Novus 2 and Nexus framework

I know what Novus 2 and Nexus is, but thats passive RP…and I don’t like it too well.

I think hes just wanting a Apocalyptic RP, might work on this but i have to finish my current project.