Someone wanted to make gm_pentagon

He must not President J. F. Kennedy. But the texture is…

The huge hallway.

Well… the Russian room is perfect. The others are… just little simple.

Well… Hudson may lead Mason into the elevator…
Actually, it was made as posing studio but, now I wanna release it as CS:S map too.
And… I’m never going to tell you that I actually wanted to make Pentagon in COD:BO.
If it’s done nicely, I wanted to tell you this is pentagon from COD:BO but, as you see, now it is just a building.

I’ll change and add some pictures of past U.S. Presidents’ pictures.
I was confused that I had to add some asian countries’ rooms. Because there are only 8 rooms due to the texture size(ignore what I’m just saying. It’s gramatically wrong and bad English.).
Finally, I added S.Korea and gonna add more rooms of around 4~8 more countries.

Well… I don’t expect to be looked well…(I really hate grammar) but, I must Finish this map at least for myself.
Would it nice if I release it as CS:S rescue the hostage map?

Please don’t swear on me :smiley:
ps. If there’s any problems in threading process, please tell me immediately. Because I’ve never used imageshack.

Wow, this map looks great. But if you’re planning to release this as a cs:s hostage map, there should be some more obsticles to break the line of sight between the enemies.

Thanks to tell me so :smiley: I agree. But, first I’m planning to release as gmod map. Then practice English, study source SDK perfectly(?), finally release the CS:S map.

Add the big board off Dr Strangelove so we can see it…

Cookie if you get the reference.

Whatever I understood or not, I’ll follow the idea.

Looks quite nice OP, well done!

This looks great!

I agree, you could probably put in assorted overturned desks, bookshelves, filing cabinets, etc to give players some cover. I can see the cubicles would probably help a lot already though.

Hmm… If the government gets scared over kids making CS maps of schools, I wonder how they’ll feel about the Pentagon.

I was going to find out, but then I saw their website designer sucks…

Well they got away with putting it in Black Ops, would it be so much of a difference if you mapped it yourself for a different game?

In the War Room in the Movie Dr Strangelove, Theres a big board in there with a russian map on it…

At a point during the movie, The President wants to let the Russian ambassador in…

The general there says “Do you realize how big a breach of security this is? He’ll…he’ll see everything! The books! The the… He’ll see the big board!”

“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the war room!”

Add this. This is what everyone’s talking about anyway.

Original concept art. It shows the best view of the room’s architecture.

Do you realize how big a breach of security this is? He’ll…he’ll see everything! The books! The the… He’ll see the big board!

Anyone for a game of Black ops zombies on this map?

Nah, Black OPS is crap :v:

You should get someone to make or make yourself clocks with different time.

More pics showing more of the board


That’s perfectly what I wanted to hear!!

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Yeah, :slight_smile:

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Haha! Maybe US government found that someone is going to attack Pentagon virtually.

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I guess the map will be little-much different from the original featured BOps.

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Good information. Thanks!

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Dmn! Korea was defeated by Japan yesterday(Asian cup)! I must attack the Japanese room(not offensive).

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Wow… it’s really great! You gave me a bunch of really important documents!

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Well… no idea :smiley:

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You’re correct. The times in the map are all the same. Maybe it’s the last day of the Earth.

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Hell yeah!

Wow, you sir are a genius.