Someone went rope crazy...

This is why there should be limits on the rope making tool…

I always find it kind of insulting when people post stuff like this in this section while other people put their heart and soul into a picture.

This Sub-Forum is for G-Mod poses not RP-Server Screenshots.

While I agree about how much effort people put into pictures is amazing, the name of the sub-forum is
"Screenshots, Movies, Saves and Dupes
Stuff you created by playing Garry’s Mod"

There’s no where that says that these kind of screenshots aren’t allowed. Not everyone likes em, some people find it funny. The best advice if I could give is this. You don’t like it? Move on, you do? Cool. But it’s not cool to get mad at someone for not posting the same kind of screenshots you like seeing. This isn’t directed at you Combine, just a general statement because I usually see a lot of hate for these kind of screenshots.

Second Rule from the Sticky:
*2: Put quality into your picture. If you say “I know it looks shitty…”, then you should know that it doesn’t belong. *

And I guess he knows it looks shitty.
It also kind of implies that normal “Screencaps” are not post-worthy in my opinion.

Eh. I bet the guy putting the ropes everywhere thought it was the best creation he ever made.

Also, I bet it took a really, really long time to get that good of an angle on those ropes. The angle on this picture is astounding.

I don’t see why you are so anally trying to justify a crappy picture.
Hell, it’d probably be considered dumb even if it was posted here.

Isn’t it clear at this point that this subforum became a place where threads are only for pictures with a lot of effort and good quality? Sort of an unspoken rule.


Joazzz might be right about “The Great Ones” setting such high standards that few can actually live up to them, but this is not anywhere near even the most liberal interpretation.

Well this just might be an erotic asphyxiationists wet dream