Someone worse then Nasal Spray? Or troll...I dunno lolz

Look there


There’s stupid shit on


Where have you been?
Look at that guy.

He was using sarcasm bud. He obviously knew that there was stupid shit on But this thread needs to be in

So please don’t make these kind of stupid threads when there’s a thread made for this “shit.” Thank you.

Back Seat Moderator.

Failure. Never said I was a moderator, just told him/her that this was in the wrong section and that making a pointless thread that was already made for this shit should be put over there. Now go back in your closet young man.

cough Back seat moderating.

Troll harder.

I’ll do my best just for you :slight_smile:

Ok tell me when to spread my ass hole okay?

3…2…1…K go.

Oh…sorry…I wasn’t ready for that.

My bad baby.

No that can’t be! You’re GAY! :OOOOOOO NO WAI?!?!?!?!?!?

Wow this thread is retarded. And I think the OP is worse than the guy he’s talking about.

Of course its a 10’er that is acting retarded


The twelve year old steps in, unaware of what mindless trolling is, only to be put smack bang in the center of it.

I got banned for backseat moderating for simply saying to someone that what he posted was in the wrong section, i would belive what you did would be the same.

Thats not what he meant, first of all, the “insult” was aimed at theVendetta, and it was aimed the fact that he is 10, which he probably is anyway, but instead it means is that he joined in 2010, which makes him a 10’er, and im a 09’er, since i joined in 2009, and you are am 08’er, get it?

Ok well thanks for telling me about the joke, since it kinda seemed like it was aimed at me. But thanks for telling me. And I won’t be banned because I wasn’t back seat moderating I was simply telling him that there was already a thread created here for stuff like that and I posted a link to it. Never said anything telling him that I was going to do something to him :stuck_out_tongue: Just nicely saying it was pretty much not good to make posts like this when it belongs in that thread that’s all. It’s good to search for things before posting :smiley: