Someone's about to have a really,bad,day...


The posing looks ok but next time, put all your graphics to the max
and use the zoom on the camera

And please don’t copy and paste soldiers. It’s lazy.

Ok,and I also forgot to add a filter :stuck_out_tongue:

And never add filters


It can ruin a perfectly good pose. Yours is good, and you shouldn’t ruin it with a filter.

Nope,I always have filters,in this I have bloom and sun beams,those two I always have…

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Sorry Pixel Shaders*

Bloom and Color mod are okay, put the others should be untouched unless it somehow makes your picture better, like maybe some fog, that’d be okay.

Ok,but how to use fog :P?

Whoaa, where’d you get the LAV’s?

Nuerotanks,but there are ragdoll versions on :smile:

Kinda empty there, bud.

Needs more… stuff.


don’t use CS:S models, they’re comparatively ugly and they’re really difficult to pose. but your posing is actually pretty good on the guy with the rocket launcher.


I’m pretty used to posing with CS:S Models… But not that good,but I can do a lot with them… :wink:

Hey, you have potential.

Use the tools at the POST PROCESSING tab! They can make your ingame screenshots gorgeus and stunning, even if it’s just a normal screenshot, taken of a trash can.

Believe me, practice a bit more, and you can be an awesome poser.

they’re not very visually appealing, though. like, compared to modern games, they’re very blocky. plus they don’t have face and eyeposing, and the fingerposing is very simple.

Thanks :smiley:

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Nah don’t worry,soon enough most my screens will have British DPM Soldiers using the PMC Models :dance: