Someone's at the window.

He just want to say hello.

Uhm, i don’t really know what to say. :blush: :biggrin:

Just say good job.

I don’t care who you are, that’s a shit bricks moment. Rated funny.

I lol’d.

Mingeface was funny in 1950

I laughed. GMan looks psychotic. Not to mention big. Have a smiley.

hhhee g-man noob

“y hallo thar!”

Amusing, but in the end it’s a relativeley generic humor shot.

I don’t get it what you’re saying but thanks for posting.

The g-man has really nice eyes.

You bumped your own thread. :open_mouth:

I think it’s funny.

oh my god

that was kind of funny


but fucking old what the fuck

Why did you… bump your old thread? :raise:


“Get out of there its gonna blow!”


I predict an incoming bump banhammer: