"Someone's still out there. I can hear them" Ex-Bodyguards in a Camp on a Rooftop, Being Snassy


C&C, i guess but i don’t even get any so fuck you
rate it or something

post what you like and dislike, for fucks sake

is coo’, like the colours (lol I wonder why)

lol i duno you flapping cunt <3<333

Looking good.
and it’s “snazzy”.

They’re too clean for zombie apocalypse. Otherwise is good looking.

Let me explain then: They recently got out of the building they protected, they have yet to enter combat and apocalypse is the wrong word to use, this is basicly a continuation of my latter pose (One Single Drop) but in another location that was just recently contaminated but only in the lower levels of the city.

I kinda like the civilians face with a nice tuxedo, don’t know why.

Nice colours.

Hmm, I mean, it’s okay. It’s like, Swedish made an’ shit so I guess it’s good.