Something about TTT

I’m trying to make a mod for TTT, where if you die you get to walk around as a ghost and can’t be seen to the living, instead of being a spectator
and it’s almost done except for one part, when I spawn a player after death they show up back on the scoreboard
It should be obvious that this would have been expected, but I’m not quite sure how I’d go about doing it.
Not asking for it to be done for me, but how about a helpful nudge in the right direction.


So instead of being a spectator they become a ghost, right ok so the first thing is are you replacing the spectator team with this new ghost team?

If not then you will have to assign these “ghosts” a new team, I know shared.lua in the terrortown GM has this

– Create teams

function GM:CreateTeams()
team.SetUp(TEAM_TERROR, “Terrorists”, Color(0, 200, 0, 255), false)
team.SetUp(TEAM_SPEC, “Spectators”, Color(200, 200, 0, 255), true)

– Not that we use this, but feels good
team.SetSpawnPoint(TEAM_TERROR, “info_player_deathmatch”)
team.SetSpawnPoint(TEAM_SPEC, “info_player_deathmatch”)

But I think you have to define it else where in player.lua, player_ext.lua and also player_ext_shd.lua

also maybe the cl_scoreboard.lua to tie in displays from this new team.

Don’t hold me to that though, been awhile since I’ve jumped into the GM files myself.

You mean like this from my TTT server?

I have never been on your ttt server, but yes I suppose
I’ve had the idea for many different games, mods and gamemodes even before I even played ttt.

Yeah, Go play :smiley:

Do you just shit advertisement in request threads? xD

You didnt had the idea with that first,
Look at the fretta ‘Ultimate Chimera Hunt’ gamemode.

You should also take a look at that, the code for that should be in it.
You would have to convert it though.