"Something ain't right here..."


Good god, posing that ragdoll right was a bitch, gave me a headache.

Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

The bricks are sideways.

The guy has copious amounts of flammable gas stored in his room?

He’s sat on the wall.

The weird ass lighting and shadows? The sideways bricks? The shadowless shovel clipping slightly into the table? I give up.


The floor is the wall. Wall is the floor. I am almost willing to call this art since the picture is so miss placed. It doesn’t fit in a interesting way. Makes no sense I know.

OP made the map.

He’s sitting on the wall.

I think that’s kind of a cool scene-build/prop placement.

Pose ragdoll on the ground and make him a stature next time.

At first i was like ‘The shadow’s aren’t placed right…?’
Then i got it.
Good show :golfclap:

Oh, I get it! Nice work there!