something different from Vietnam guys in jungles

the war back at home

C&C comment and rate

Nick is all like “I was a Vietnam soldier before it was cool.”

“i was in vietnam before there was a war”

that’s exactly what i was thinking

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he needs a PBR and a cool mustache

The war back at home in Eastern Europe.

I see I’m not the only one tired of Vietnam poses :v:

I like this, But what uh, What models did you use for the tank and jeep?

Oh god, he’s got an ARS
they are fucked.

Not a Vietnam pose? This actually happened. We sent a MACV SOG group to Russia to fuck the Commies’ shit up, but then aliens showed up along with an American scientist from the future to stop us from causing a nuclear apocalypse and plunging the world in to a Fallout-like state. Read it on wikipedia.

I think the jeep is from this
(The machine gun on it is also a ragdoll)

Im wondering the same thing about that tank though.

Tanks prolly from it too.

Wow, I hope I’m not the only one thinking about the new X-Com game while looking at this picture…

is it me or is the jpeg quality fucked right now?

I don’t really understand the picture.

Nick’s hand that is off the gun looks wonky, the futuristic dude in a dystopian world makes no sense, and I dunno.