Something Happened at Aperature Science

Earlier today, a shooting happened at the Aperture Science Laboratories. Their test subject, Corporal Odessa, went on a rampage. He ambushed a scientist, and stole his weapon. Afterward, he shot and killed two preliminary responders. Two more military responders were killed before the Corporal was stabbed in the chest, and killed. We would like to warn you, before looking at these pictures, that they are very graphic in nature.

You must be new.
#1. These are really bad.
#2. Try not to use vanilla blood decals
#4. This aint’ graphic what the fuck are you talking about
#5. Don’t include a story unless you know it’s good. This one is a good one. A good example of a bad one.

Let me add to that a bit.

#6 Increase your graphics settings. At the very least, put on some Anti-Aliasing. You don’t need to keep them high, lord knows I can’t run Gmod that way. But turn them up a bit before taking the screenshots.
#7 Do some editing. Hell, even a simple overlay would work. It looks like it’s supposed to be through a security camera, after all.

And out of curiosity, why’s the one picture upside-down?

Why is Odessa taking a nap when he has a knife though his chest?

also,why the fuck is the second one inverted? it just looks stupid

@Lebowski Yes, I’m new

@Lebowski and Sgt Shrapnel Thanks for the C&C

@DEMONSKUL I tried to get the entire relaxation chamber while avoiding the door out of the area because when it closes, it gets screwed up on the side I was on.

i don’t see any problems with the graphics, may be my eyes though, try turning up your AA just in case, also how does odessa become a subject and since when does the combine take over aperture science?

@magicman1234 Did you miss that? The combine always owned Aperture Science. They just started to finally do something about the rebel “scum” they are fighting. I made that all up, but I couldn’t decide on anything better.

Okay, since I can’t think of a response that won’t get me banned for flaming and trolling, I present to you this:

There’s a reply button you can use, you know.

@Master Mates I know, but I’m sticking to my old ways. I’m used to this.

he’s a tweeter