Something I have been working on for modders

Hi, my name is Meowcat285, I have been working on setting up a build system for modders to use to compile their maps quickly and offload it onto another server, if anyone is interested, please let me know! I hope to support S&Box when it comes out, but for now I am doing HL:A

Mmh, can you develop your idea please? Do you have some screenshots, anything?

You have Piqued my interest, however I want more information about it, if you could provide more detail and explanation about your service and how it works, how easy/hard is it to integrate in my workflow etc.

Not yet, its been a pain to get going right now, even though compiling in source 2 doesnt use the gpu, it still requires it to load textures in VRAM, as soon as I can figure that out I can show you more