Something I made.

It’s something I made a bit ago and showed some friends, most of them agreed that it belongs in a Horror game, and one specifically mentioned RUST.

Please listen to it and tell me if it’d sound good in rust

not enough wub

Good for ambiance, I say.

i just wasted almost 3 minutes of my life

You probably listen to Skrillex.

Sounds really nice and mysterious, although it’s missing something… and no it’s not the wub.

Edit: I would imagine myself walking in pitch black in either the middle of the woods or a dark bunker (possible flickering lights.)

Rust with a soundtrack like this would be even more frustrating. I like it .

Yeah, I’m making more things similar to it right now with more layering, and some will be very heavy, with a claustrophobic, dreadful atmosphere

sounds good (:

Charlie: Winning!

Sound really great.
Agree with the most of the other people,
would be really good for ambiance.

Keep it coming =) I’ll subscribe to the thread.

pretty good

True, thats realy good for ambiance!!! It makes me relaxed

Hey guys I’m really glad I’m getting the feedback I am.

If you like it PLEASE thumb it on YT!

I’m working on some other ambient stuff right now, hopefully each one better than the last:D