Something I noticed about mapping.

This is a little something I noticed about mapping, that I want to know what you think. I noticed that almost every map is sort of, in a strange way like a relationship with a girl you ‘like’. The girl, is the idea though. The creator says “I will never give up on this!”, same what the people say in a relationship. They then proceed to like the map, or hate it, and give up on it. Just a little mapping philosophy… What do you think?

you need a girlfriend whose name doesn’t end in .vmf

^^ Agree.

My release ratio towards projects ratio is like 1:100
I will never have a girlfriend.


You probably got a real fat girlfriend and decided to liken her to mapping so you could thin her by compressing into a BSP. :3

Anyway, you don’t get sexually aroused by mapping, do you?

Well, every time I try to map I lose interest.

So fuck.

So is a flower, or a forum, even a hampster. It’s the pattern of evolution, it’s how humans process information and react towards it.

I’ve always thought of mapping as, it’s hard to explain, but nothing. Like; if you make a map well (i.e. good use of props, good brushwork etc.) then no one will really notice, but if you do it badly, people will pick up on it, and focus on that.

You play through an episode 2 map in five minutes and a crappy, blocky “campaign” can take an hour, just noting all that’s wrong with it.

Anyway… To answer OP, I think you’re wrong.

I explained it badly but I have a head ache, so I can’t be arsed to revise it.

Erm, I notice the good things about maps all the time, what are you talking about?

Mapping is a type of art, you make something that doesn’t look good, people rip it up, if you make something amazing, people adore it.
Nuf said.

Also, if you think mapping is like life, you need to go render some npc_citizens in your town and rp with them. :v:

Every map I make is a like a Russian boar that I wrestle with.

I never win.

BSPs take up more space, bro.

Are you suggesting that all female mappers like women? And that all male mappers have to like girls?


For the very reason of mapping, I dont want a girlfriend. One of my steam friends is a girl and she wont stop talking.



Now that you have made mapping sound like a relationship with a woman, I don’t want to.

ohohoh, faster faster, yeah keep shoving your brushes into my wet lightmap

I see what you mean there…

idiot head.
Wtf are you talking about.
Also mapping is fun

No. Just…no.

Creators also tend to blindly defend their maps even when she’s a fat ugly pig.

so right it’s wrong