Something I whpped up in an hour

Don’t worry about any of the names, I’ll explain them
Doomlord is a freind of mine
Hogsy is some little 10 year old kid with both pwned on a gmod server one day
and Lazlo is my personal skin (thanks for hexing it ShotGunGuy)
and the two names on the bottom are mine, my FP account uses my OLD name from forever ago -_-

hope you guys like this comic, I don’t post very often on FP
in fact I think this is the first thread I ever started XD

Right click, then hit view image if it’s freaking tiny

Indeed this is your first thread.

I feel as though the humor is there, you just need to work on posing, and editing, specifically speech bubbles.

There are a few tutorials lying around here somewhere…
…I’ll get back to you, or make my own.


I just found this on phw, I haven’t read through it all the way but it seems pretty useful.

Link hurr!

no no
I made this thing in a hurry
if I wanted to make some awesome speech bubbles, I could
and the space marine model is VERY difficult to pose
its ragdolled kinda funny
and I meant for Lazlo to have some funny posing (such as his incredibly over the top run)
and Hogsy was being held up by the shirt collar

but yes I do need to work on my effects alot more
this tut is rather helpful

I appreciate the constructive criticism
Thank you =D

Funny end point, but the posing is in need of serious improvement. Keep practicing.
Do not rush comics. It never pays.

Agreed 100%

Take pride in your work. If it doesn’t look good to you, chances are it doesn’t look good to everyone else. Granted, it’s normal to not like certain aspects of a comic, but to rush for the sake of rushing? Nah.