something I'd like to see

In my experience, at night 7n game a lot of people will juat bunker down and not explore the wilderness unless they are out raiding… I think we could change that a bit.

My auggestion would be to allow the daily air drops to have a chance to come at night. I would like to see a bunch of flares dropped over an area, and attached to crates, during an airdrop at night to sort of pull people from the relative safety of their home. Firefights at night in a largeish area illuminated by flares could be an absolute blast, and would give people a reason to come outside other than raiding…

Maybe have the night drops include an extra box as a small added incentive?

(I’m not talking about 2 air drops per day, I’d like to see the daily drop just have a chance to come at all times during the day)

/e sorry for all the typos, I’m on a tablet and touchscrens are stupid

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Good idea if they add some sort of lights to the plane and drops, how u suppose to see where is the drop?

That’s why I think the crates should have flares attached, they would light up the night sky