"Something is creating scprit error"

Hi everyone!!
First of all, I’m a new user of gmod so I don’t know a lot of things about it (I’m to learn with expert :smug:), and secondly, I’m french so I hope that you can understand me.
Yesturday I’m installing gmod on my computer without addons, and the game is working good (not sure about the sentence sorry).
Later, I’m installing several addons for gmod DarkRP, and when I’m playing in solo mod I see in the left corner this message “Something is creating scprit error”.
When I play with the 3 three differentes map of Rockford I see a lot of big red letter, and several building are violet.
Other problems, I can’t play in multiplayer mod, I’m waiting a lot of time and then a message appear and say: connection lost.
This is what the console say:
Both ConVars must be marked FCVAR_REPLICATED for linkage to work (r_VehicleViewDampen)
Initializing Awesomium…
Both ConVars must be marked FCVAR_REPLICATED for linkage to work (r_VehicleViewDampen)
— Missing Vgui material hud/leaderboard_dead
No Kinect SDK
— Missing Vgui material vgui/servers/icon_replay
— Missing Vgui material vgui/servers/icon_replay_column
Thanks for your help.
I hope that you understand my problems.

  1. Ur addon is broken or conflict-ing with each other, or it’s missing some part
  2. You need the map content, hl2 ep 1,2, css for most maps to work

Thanks I will try!!

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Can I have a link of a collection with the Dark RP mod, the map, and the stuff wich is necessary to play?
I’m searching the addons wich are broken ou somethings else and it does’nt work!!
And when I intall hl2 ep 1,2 the console says: hl2 ep 1,2. So can I have a link for hl2 ep 1,2 and CSS too?

If you have hl2 then you can mount it, if not you can download the content from the internet and put in to addon folder, also some map have its own content, you have to download it from workshop, it should be display at the “required item” on the map page

You have a mod was was supported in the old garrys mod but doesnt work in the new one