Something is wrong with parents

Hi people. I just installed GMOD again a few days ago, and I noticed something extrange when I parent things. They are not working like they used to… I’ve made a little tank chasis, and parented everything to a Wire chip. But I can still grab parented parts (which causes wobble on non-parented parts), and they still collide with world when I’m not grabbing the contraption. Also, GMOD performance is terrible. That small tank chasis has about 25 parts, and my FPS drops to 30 even with parenting. If I duplicate it, they drop to 10, almost unplayable… Did I miss an update that changed how parenting works? I’m using Workshop mods for parenting, multi-parent, super parent or something like that. He are my specs:

Video: NVIDIA GT220 1GB
CPU: AMD Phenom 2 X2

Yes, it sucks, but GMOD used to work better before, and every update makes it less performant.

try not running gmod on a phenom 2 x2. thats a very dated cpu, the only thing you can do is overclock the cores to make it faster (also your gpu is ancient as well)

Also parenting works fine for me.

yeah gmods hardware requirements are higher now than they were in the older versions, try building your tank on a server so its the servers cpu doing all the work instead of your computer cos frankly your rig is an old rustbucket