Something is wrong

hi i would really like to know if anyone can help me iv been trying to play rust for a while now but i am getting a lot of lag im running it on a mac and from other peoples prespective they run it fine on a mac i was told to go to options and change my graphics but it will lag me out before i get the chance can anyone help me plz

what is going on with the east coast server. it constantly drops out. it only seems to be the east coast server. all other servers are working fine. on the 18th and the 19 the east coast server shut down at around 1030 and on both day through out the day the server goes down randomly.

You could try and turn off the fancy grass buy hitting f1 and typing “grass.on false”

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On the home page garry said people are DDOSing the servers and if you cant join a certain server then he said just move to a different server for the time being til they stop

thank you very much i will try to turn off grass