Something needs to be done about base blocking..

Seriously my experience on this game is quickly melting away… why has some type of prop protection not been implemented yet? As a matter of fact, its not even on trello yet…Why not make it so like a certain radius where another player cannot place walls or foundation next to you… I can’t do anything when I waste my time gearing up and just get trapped in my own damn base because of some butt hurt child builds a wall around my exit.
I’m pretty sure this may have been posted already, but WHY is it not at least on the trello to-do list. It makes me think that you guys don’t think it’s a big deal but it is!

agree. The same with building stairways to your window. Thats so annoying

Its on trello.

LoL this game is about trying to make your base hard to siege not imposable. It seems like you want the game to just make your base unraidable. these spike walls do help sieging problems though, but they never were a real problem if you made your base correctly.

No. It’s not.
If in some magical way it is there please take a screenshot because you most likely miss read one of the to-do’s.

There are no plans to protect your base from other people building on it by some kind of magical ‘no placement’ zone.

However, there are plans to make construction of things take time (several minutes) and for the owner of a house (determined by things like sleeping bags inside) be able to hatchet things down easily in case of griefing or mistakes.

Hopefully there’s absolutely no way for the sleeping bag to get glitched onto the foundation thus making it easy to hatchet down someones base.

Yeah… could see you building a foundation connecting to someones house and laying a ton of sleeping bags (or whatever is used to determine ownership) on it making you an owner of the house.

Your reply was not only insanely idiot, but also that as not even any where near to what I am ranting about.

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Alright thanks for the response, as long as it means I wont be trapped in my base forever just cause someone blocked it and the only way out is c4 :slight_smile:

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