Something needs to be done about cheaters

The fact that the answer to the cheater problem right now is “don’t play on facepunch servers,” reflects how bad of a state rust is in. It’s upsetting to see such a good game that I’ve played since legacy, get tarnished by an issue that facepunch or valve isn’t doing anything about.

I get it, you won’t ever eliminate cheaters 100%, but there are plenty of games like league, apex, fortnight, overwatch, valorant, etc, that have implemented WORKING anticheats. If something like that is too controversial for the player base, then why not take even smaller steps; for example, not allowing players with vac bans to play. The fact that a dude can play on a server with 20 hours on rust, a week old steam account, and a vac ban is astonishing.

When I use to play rust back in high-school as a dumbass kid quick to call someone a cheater. It still was insanely rare to see someone cheat in this game. Right now, you’re guaranteed to have your gameplay burdened by one.
If it takes the next year of monthly updates to become stagnant for you to fix your game, I’m sure a lot of people would prefer that. You can’t enjoy all the cool shit you add when you get clapped by someone 200m away with an eoka pistol.

If facepunch refuses to do anything about this, then I think the only way this game can be fixed is if something like faceit fixes it for them, or everyone just stops buying weapon skins and stops supporting facepunch until they at least try to take some steps. That goes for valve too.

Rust uses the same anti cheat that both Apex Legends and Fortnite use, Easy Anti-Cheat ( and many more games ), and yet you state here that those two have working anti cheats… but Rust doesn’t?

Yeah but they also have their own anticheat built in their game software other than anticheat. I know this because people bitched in league about kernel. Either way, if it isn’t anticheat, then what is it? How does a game that is magnitudes more popular than rust able to curtail cheaters significantly better?

Either rust developers have no sense in defensive programming or they’re just not doing shit about it.

Facepunch is never gonna fix the cheater issue because they make too much money off people buying new accounts I got over it a while ago and stopped playing rust but then a few buddies of mine wanted to play rust again and I was like lets give it a try and boyy oh boy the cheater problem is so bad Ive played a wipe on 3 servers now and all 3 the wipes got ruined by cheaters one of them even blatantly flying around reported him and weeks later hes still playing every day ruining peoples wipes so after 5.5k hours Im never coming back to rust ever again goodbye rust it was fun at times when there were no cheaters/scripters

Just checking all the stats on bans and average players

everyday around 3k players get banned off rust THAT IS 5% OF THE WHOLE RUST PLAYER BASE GETTING BANNED EVERY DAY!!! FIX UR GAME FACEPUNCH!!! This actually made me mad

on another note that 5% is a low estimate and now taking in account all the no recoil scripters that are out there daily not getting banned…