Something needs to change . ..

Come on guys, you all know this. This game is slowly dying, and I also know how everyone says “We want a dedicated fan base, that will stay forever” and “Its alpha”. Well in case you don’t believe check this link (This link basically explains it all). Some serious Dev decisions really need to be re-thought. First of all no zombies anymore? I know you guys don’t want to be a “Dayz clone” well news flash just because a game has zombies doesn’t mean its a straight rip off of dayz. Because of these changes people like Uberhaxornova and Summit1g have quit the game because of it. Also everyone just shoots on sight, there needs to be some reason not to shoot someone. Well there you go im gonna say it again re-think some of the decisions you have been making. If these are the decisions you guys are making leading up to the Beta release and eventually a full on release this game wont get anywhere.

I’m sure the devs are aware that the community is growing restless with the lack of updates. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s going to take whatever amount of time it takes for them to accomplish what they want to accomplish.

Posting a thread like this with words of fear to the devs about how their game is going to die etc does not help or change the current state of Rust and its development.

I want Rust to succeed as much as the next person who likes the game, but we’re not developers nor did us buying early access grant us a right to be heard by the devs. Be patient, see where things go and if it turns out awesome, great! If not, well, $20 isn’t a lot of money.

I believe not having a significant update since it was available for purchase in December has largely contributed to it. Since then it obviously has gotten progressively worse, unjustly. At least the zombies should have stayed until their replacement was ready to be implemented.

The lack of consideration for beneficial gameplay ethics will undoubtedly cripple the game. People end up not wanting to help anyone and will tend to attack others before they may do the same. It’s far too easy to go around killing everyone, yet trying to give people the benefit of the doubt will generally get you killed.


Also, they do what they want to do. Who gives a rats ass if someone popular quits it? They want to take the game in the direction THEY want to take the game.

Rather in agreement here, so far they have made over $30 Million on this game, a game that losses any real reason to keep playing it after maybe 100hrs of play…max. With that type of money there is no excuse what so ever for the ZERO advancement of this title. Most games would have been made with a much smaller budget then this.

Take a peak at their trello page or the experimental build. They’re working on it. Patience is a virtue.

Yup… people run up to me and i just back away from then… next thing you know am dead from a pipe shotgun or a machine gun. This game is DONE… its like Infestation now… nothing but hackers and griefers. As it stands right now if you run into anyone 99% of the time they will kill you… not with a rock or axe… nope… with a gun.

What kind of survival game allows these guys to have stashes of guns and 500 ft tower. On top of that the constant stealing and griefing is getting annoying. As a new player [ about 2 weeks now ] I cant do shit… every time i try to just mind my buisness i get gun down by someone or have my house broken into and my stuff stolen.
I know its beta but thats not a freaking excuse. The game needs a complete WIPE. But am guessing if you guys did that 75% of those bastards would leave because they wont be the dominant gang running the server.

And thats how most of them are… gangs claiming ownership to certain parts of the game and if you run through you get GUN down from the top of their towers. Game is a piece of crap right now.

That is Rust for you, the main threat in the game are other players naked or in kev doesn’t matter.
There are no rules in Rust and everyone can do as they want, most people prefer to play the murderer/raider or w/e.

Part of the games learning curve is learning how to survive against other players and how to keep your stuff safe or as safe as possible atleast, there is always a way to raid a base you can only make it harder for others to raid it.

Wipes occur frequently on most servers but it’s decided by the owner of the server when this happens.
If you don’t like playing on a server where people already have tech and big bases build, find a freshly wiped server because there are plenty of them.

If you don’t like this kind of gameplay then I’m gonna tell you what is say to everyone else who hates it.
Play the sims because rust doesn’t fit you.

The game is currently in decline in population due to the lack of content being added.
Most players are just waiting for a new update and play another game while they wait.

Yes we all feel the pain of waiting and it’s taking so long and we all want something new and fresh but, there is nothing you can do about it since development takes time.

Is there really only one other person in this thread that has been paying any attention to the experimental build?

It’s going to be epic.

Besides, if you’re so committed to the idea that the game is/will fail miserably, then why are you still here talking about it?

Also, Garry has said more than once that the massive/instant popularity of Rust caused a lot of problems for the development team. Even recently he said this:
“We didn’t sell Rust anywhere but Steam, because it’s early access and we’re actively developing we didn’t want to whore it out everywhere. Honestly – right now, the less people playing it the better.” – April 11, 2014 Devblog.

To that end it seems the devs have been shutting down many of the Official servers; there are now only a handful left. So if you think you’re going to frighten Garry into doing your bidding by showing that fewer people have been playing recently, you’re wrong. He wants fewer people to be playing right now.

I would go even further and presume he’s tired of hearing whiny “I want, I want” posts, too.

If you think Garry is upset that pe

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Another one of these threads… /rolleyes

Exactly. I have launched some kerbals, visited skyrim again, tried not to starve and fought with giant robots while I am waiting - but no game has excited me as much as a messy half broken alpha called Rust. I am excited by the next big update but I also know that this stuff takes time.

EXACTLY. Like what is the point of this thread? What is OP trying to accomplish here?

Oh boy, another person that’s calling a game that’s hardly 20% done “dying”.

Come back in a few months and see what Rust is becoming. That fewer people are playing today is a good thing, in fact it would probably best if this tend intensified for a while.

I haven’t played Rust in a couple months except checking in on the experimental branch here and there over the last couple weeks.

That’s Rust for ya. But in all seriousness, as the game progresses into development, these will naturally be kinked out without having to give into dumb reputation systems or whatever.

Slowly they will be fazing out modern weaponry as something that is easy to get and dominant, and bring in more Rustic weapons, which I feel will bring more balanced and fun gunfights, even if it’s a newer player versing and older on.

As for the dying every time you respawn, I feel that is somewhat to blame on you. I’m not necessarily calling you bad, but after a while, you should be able to pick up on some signs of whether or not to trust someone. Here are a few tips:

  1. Kev+Gun usually means they are out for trouble.
  2. Watch the chat. If someone doesn’t say anything don’t trust them. If someone is particularly abusive they are probably out looking for a fight. Also, if someone puts a KoS on somebody, keep that in mind as well.
  3. Don’t go into popular areas until you are ready. Getting near a road and building up a little house and getting a P250 before running into higher populated areas is what I usually do, unless there is a /starter kit, where I’ll often find myself going in guns blazing because in the end, you either lose nothing that you can just spawn back later, or you snag some better loot out of it.

And also, those really powerful guys? Try and take them down. It sounds dumb, but if you become the guy that is able to be mostly friendly, take down large groups and be an asset to new players on a server, all by yourself or with one or two friends, it’s so rewarding. Me and a friend of mine got raided by a guy with a massive complex in Hacker Valley, so we set up a metal base, made stacks and stack of C4 over the next few days, and raided him of all of his belongings, and the whole server was pretty proud of us, to say the least.

tl;dr - Rust has issues that are obvious, but with a little bit of smarts, you can atleast try and overcome these issues yourself and prove you fuckin’ awesomeness.

Exactly. There are other games we can play while we look forward. The progress on the experimental branch looks good too. Game will be even greater than it first came about imo.

personally I want a challenging PVE single player experience. I know DayZ offers that but I don’t like the graphics in tha game.

Its not just lack of updates that ruins the game, what makes it interesting is raiding someone and not knowing what to expect in those boxes. Lack of decent protection against glitchers is what made a lot of ppl leave, 5 of us stopped playing game just because everywhere we went and built up we got wall glitched after we went off, so after few times that happened everyone got sick of it and im sure 5 of us are not alone.