Something Positive to the Devs

I haven’t had a lot of posts, and some of my posts about the sleeper mechanism were pretty negative against that particular concept, so I wanted to balance that out. At the risk of being called a suck up, I wanted to say something positive.

Rust has more potential than any other game of its kind that I’ve played or previewed. The sandbox mechanisms that blends pre-created structures with the ability to create player-built structures is pretty amazing. Every time I see someone ‘repurpose’ the hangar by closing off the ends, I am just amazed at the possibilities this game provides. The fact that this core game mechanic works so well at this stage of the game is pretty amazing. I am also stunned by what has been accomplished, considering what I understand of the group developing it, it doesn’t have the resources that a major studio would be able to throw at it.

Keep up the good work. I hope half of what Garry et al has imagined is realized.

To whoever is DDOS’ing, stop being so childish. You are ruining the experience for a lot of people and hindering progress.

if you want something positive for the devs, go to the auction page and look at how much they’ve made. Pretty positive in my books.