Something records my Garry's Mod

I found my harddrive had very little space, and after looking around I found 5 recordings of like 20gb each from Garry’s Mod (named hl2_date_etc), I removed these a few days back. Now I saw this purple circle in Garry’s Mod and I thought it was it loading or something, but after looking in the same recordings folder, I found a new recording going on (33gb).
I tried “stopdemo” but it didn’t seem to stop it, so I’m really uncertain; is this circle related to Garry’s Mod recording from console, or must I have some program that automatically starts recording(only Garry’s Mod?).
Directory: C:\Users\Public\Videos\Captured
I only have Bandicam installed and it doesn’t place them there, so I’m very uncertain what can be doing this, any suggestions?

Show us a list of the computer processes/programs running during the game.

Also, next time please use the Help section.