Something strange has happened to my files

erlier today i quit gmod so a could restart it, but it says garrysmod was still up. then for some strange reason steam shut down. i restarted steam and tried to go onto a server, i have everything still in my files but its making me re-download them anyway, including wire! and i’ve had wire!

Wanted to restart gmod so hlss would start working again. i exited the server and came back and it says the server had differen’t classes. i was like WTF?! i was on there not even 2 minutes ago. i exited gmod and came back on and thats when what i said in the first paragraph started, so i restarted my computer and then tried singleplayer, everything was working fine. but when i tried to go on a server again it STILL was making redownload everything to who knows where on my computer!


Having trouble understanding your post, but I’m gonna answer to what I do know.

  1. Gmod has an annoying habit of not fully shutting down hl2.exe after you quit, hence why the message came up.

  2. A server’s copy of wiremod will overide a clients (yours), hence the download, unless you visited that server before.

  3. There was an update to gmod recently (as in, within the last 8-9 hours). That class table message is because the server/you haven’t updated.