Something Strange With Spacebuild 2 Dedicated Server

Hello, I am new here So I Search the hole forum for some help but nothing found

I wanne run a dedicated server with spacebuild I have spacebuild 2 full from the svn “spacebuild 2 full pack svn”

Everything installed but when I run the server It say only sandbox is on , I opent the server.cfg and added sv_gamemode “spacebuild”

sv_defaultgamemode “spacebuild” this and when I join the server I got only weapons Everything works but I cant build I only have weapons no noclip nothing and if I remove it , It never wanne load the spacebuild mode self

If you need a stamble of my server.cfg To check ask

and If you know why i only spawn with guns let me know what I am doing wrong

there are 6 spacebuild servers on garrysmod so there is a way it wil work

Spacebuild works as is if you run a sandbox server, you need to have maps made for it to work right.