Something that can compile things for Propper outside hammer?

Like VMex can decompile maps, is there a way to compile things for Propper without going into Hammer so it’s less hassle to make it work?

Isn’t there a propper.exe you extracted?

I can’t remember.

All I remember is having to manually (and painfully) set up Propper as a compile option in hammer.

Whats hard about this?

propper.exe -game $gamedir $path\$file

Well it seems that when using propper I only get 3 random files in the source folder :saddowns:

Then you’re doing it wrong. What are the chances that only your propper is malfunctioning as opposed to you setting it up wrong?

I realized that I had a Propper installed eons ago, but I never used it, so whilst it had been idling I had forgot that I had it.

That’s the part about when I meant it made only 3 random files.

You suck I’m going to shout at you on steam again and call you a frog again.