Something that could be added that could change rust base systems completely

**Placement of tool boxes could be a AOE zone that is marked by a outliner for owners and unable to be used by another such as the guild crests in Reign of kings. Only thing that can be done to them is destroy them also would make it easier for buildings to be constructed so that the areas around bases that are bugged with hyper decay can be fixed. I have walls in my base that we have to repair 2 times a day that go from 1500hp to 79 through out the course of the day this would greatly increase building functions and allow better over all structures placed . The mark of toolcases could also reduce damage done to structures under their grids.

Raiding structures such as Mobile Assault Towers,Battering Rams

c4 works well on normal bases but to break into the actually base tons of explosives are needed to just pierce doors I know personal on our base structure just to even get into the general courtyard you would need at least 14 c4 charges

and even more to get into the main part of the base**

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how ever majority of our structures decay super fast even tho they are near tool cases

The bolt text burns my eyesssss :mindblown:

Tool cabinets and decay are unrelated.

This is the only sentence in your post I could actually read.