Something the developers should know!

Hi, well… I’ve been playing rust for more than a year (1000+ hrs.) and I just want to give Garry and developers something to think about (Hopefully they will even see this topic).

I personally, like rust. I’ve never seen a survival game like this with that high population. Unfortunately, I just want to say that people leave rust because one thing: Doing the same thing after a wipe over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, at the start (300hrs to till 100) its really fun. Starting naked right off the butt, with a rock on you hand and slowly while the week you growing up and having AK’s and bolts. (Clans case is 4 hours but I speaking about every single player as itself.)
Getting killed by bears, getting killed by other clans which you lost ur 6k stones and 13k wood.

I don’t want you to think that I want to make people hate rust. It is ABOUSLOUTLY the opposite idea behind my words.
I just saying, instead of adding weapons / gardens and things… Make some quests or something interesting in the game. What you can do in the game is Build, kill players, get an airdrop, raid, kill the helicopter. That’s the point of the game?-… I just want you guys instead of working on adding new features, make the game interesting, add like ugg ((Don’t jump on this, just an example)) storms which can destroy you base or finding something lost (Like a code for a nuclear strike or whatever) to give the coordinate for ur base to make sure the nuke won’t destroy it. Or something, try to make it more serious and INTERESTING add more quests and features will add SOMETHING TO THE GAME.

Thank you. ((P.S Love the flamethrower, LOVE YOU HELK))

Basicly youre complaining about doing everytime the same thing, how about you try to be creative for once and do something funny which is also a very good experience, Try opening a Village, Try opening an trading hut or something like that.

I made some of these and those were definetly some of the cycles i had the most fun besides shooting nakeds from a roof cuz they could have something…

Im playing on Rustarians currently and i did build a Art Gallery and im Inviting people to Draw some stuff for me

I doubt bro, because some people don’t like this part of the game, some people actulley like to play rust to actulley SURVIVE. But there is some people who actulley likes it. I’m speaking behalf of the people who actulley want to play the game though.

The point is right now they are trying to get the game to what could be considered their vanilla 1.0 release (Leaving early access), which means they are focused on balancing and getting existing content to a point where they are happy with it. It also means they have started to forgo adding tons of crazy half finished/balanced content willy nilly to the game.

Helicopters/airdrops are meant to be events that stir things up a bit, and they have mentioned similar things before, such as crazy weather events or other NPC type events that would require groups of people to come together to beat them.

Basically they already have ideas of loads of cool stuff which I’m sure will be added in time; but they need to finish their base game before doing that. The game is still early access, so if people are not satisfied with it in it’s current state they can always come back in a few months or when it is officially released.

Still mate, they foucsing on adding stuff which is right now-… ((In my opnion)) is not actulley mandatory… They could foucse on something that SHOULD be in the game ((Working on preformance for example)) and not adding things to the game such as the new flame thrower.

Don’t get me wrong, I fell in LOVE witgh the flamethrower but it was should come later on the game in my opnion

You could add the function of CCTV cameras and watch outside your house live.