Something the Survivors though Ellis couldn't do

This is something I managed to do. Took me about 2 hours with making the map and posing.

Main Picture

Close up of Rochelle and Nick

Close up of Ellis and Coach

Another View

BONUS: What would have happened if the forest wasn’t deserted (Flashlight sorry)

C&C Please

The fire is really badly cut out and the posing is bad.

Is Coach drinking…Hot Chocolate? :smiley:

Also, in one of his lines while riding the elevator down at the beginning of “Dead Center”, Ellis says he’s in a band and plays Bass, so I’m sure the other survivors would know that he could play.

the mug is chocolate too

He is actually eating beans. I know the posing sucks. I kind of rushed this one. In the future I will try a bit better.

The posing isnt that bad but the angles and the fire are horrible.

Rochelle and Ellis looks stiff. Nasty clipping on Ellis’s hand and guitar. (Raise the elbow and lower the hand)
And it’s a el-guitar, which need’s an amplifier, which needs electricity not commonly found out in the woods. Should have used an acoustic guitar.

But I can look beyond that though. It’s the fire that ruins the pictures for me. Now go forth and improve.

I will :wink: I have a save game for it. But the reason is, I don’t know why the fire is being so gay. I didn’t make it like that. It must have been a map error.

Nick is lie <3

If you have any experience with Gimp. try finding some flame brushes. It is a shortcut, but better than in game fire.

Its ok. I got it fixed. Here are the new ones.

Updated main pic

Updated Nick and Coach

Updated Ellis and Rochelle (I know Rochelle looks dead she is just stargazing.)

C&C Please.

Now we are talking. Nick is still a bit stiff but this is a huge improvement.

Thanks. I thought the same thing about Nick too. I thought his posing still looked a bit stiff.

Did you try to replace the default fire for L4D2’s? It kinda looks like L4D2’s fire sprite (yes it is different from the EP2 one)

Yeah that was the problem to my fire. I just deleted the sprites and relaunched and it worked.