Something to Improve garrysmod

This is normal. When you start garrys mod, click on “start New Game”

You will see, “map and Toybox Tab” I want to have another Tab called “recent downloaded maps Tab”

Any map you download will be put in the Recent downloaded maps tab enough said.

I also want a Tab called “Favourite tab” Any map you highlighted as favourites will be in that Tab.

My idea will help people who have alot of maps.

I think “favorites” could be useful, but recently downloaded maps isn’t. Like a lot of people, I don’t have too many custom maps. Max of 10 at one time.

Still, it’s nice to see someone trying to improve GMod. :slight_smile:

yeah, people who have so many downloaded maps I would say in my experience, often find it hard searching for the map downloaded, its way easier to just click on recent downloaded tab, and boom. Map downloaded is there.

I would think the system for recent downloaded map is this: First downloaded map goes into recent, after downloading 10 other maps the first downloaded map is remove from the tab of recent downloaded maps.

i have about 400 maps XD

Favourites yeah but recently downloaded, just use your brain and remember what you downloaded…