Something unfreezes my sweps

I have a problem with cs:s deathrun maps.
Every round(game.CleanUpMap()) something bad happens with my cs:s recreated sweps, and all they just fall down to the ground.(but according to the map, they should be frozen, in cs:s that works fine).
That unfreeze happens in absolutely random time(0-2 seconds from cleanup), and it also resets any attempt to do physobj:EnableMovement(false).
I just wondering what is that and how to disable that(if it can be disabled, of course)

I found only one way to freeze it - do EnableMovement(false) in think hook for the first 3 seconds after round begins. But in that case other problem appears - after you drop weapon(ply:DropWeapon()) - you can’t unfreeze it from lua - it just stuck in the air(reverse case).

All fine in CS:S