Something unusual...(Legacy)

Okay…so I’ve finally bought rust . I joined an UK server , made some friends , good so far .

I knew since I joined the real deal that I will meet more experienced players , so I met this guy .

I followed a group of 3 from an airdrop (didn’t knew I was behind ) . We got to a point where one of them heard me and waited for me to show up ( i was on a rock he was underneath ) . I heard his footsteps , took a peak on the ground and he instakilled me with an m4 to my hip from like 10 m away .

I played crackedrust for 1 year , I’ve been in the hackers nest , i’ve been tortured till blood came out of all my orifices , aka : I know how to play the game . The question is…why did i got killed so fast? . I was naked with a p250 in my hand , after i took a peaked , his m4 sound was fast as a minigun , i didn’t even 3 splatter blood image on my screen ( aka getting hit ) . I just simply heard a weird m4 sound and died ( sv was not lagging ) .

Then that guy said “You noob i have quadrople thousand hours on steam , my pro” :slight_smile:

What is this? Can someone tell me? Skill ?

PS : You guys have my permission to harass me :smiley:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Rust Pirate" - Orkel))