Something wrong with ALOT of Lua files

I dunno what’s wrong… I can use CSS weapons in Single player but somehow I can’t use them in multiplayer… I get this error
Error creating blank file lua_temp\weapons\weapon_ak47\shared.lua
and that’s just one of many weapons I can’t see or use… I seriously don’t know what to do and I don’t know a clue about Lua. please help

BTW this is GMod I’m talking about if your curious

Lua_Temp has not had contents since the Orange Box update; it’s just been the structure of the files. Warez?

so… what do I do to fix this? Because I have not idea on how to actually fix my weapons so they don’t appear invisible and so I can actually select them… Does I have to Reinstall GMod?
(I didn’t get what you said… does that mean that it has to do with something else?)

What I asked was; did you buy GMod from Steam? It looks awful like a pirated game problem - being out of date.

If you have, simply rename garrysmod/garrysmod to garrysmodold

Yes, I bought it off steam…
Is that all? Cause this problem just happened today which is weird…


It says I need permission for this <_< what do i do now?


Is there an alternative to what was already said??? because If I’m going to have to redownload Gmod I’m gonna attempt it…

I get it too. It’s when you have some program that is locking all of the lua files for some odd reason. I use WinGrep, I just close out of that. There’s no problem, it doesn’t affect anything.

so it’s probably some program in the backround that’s causing this? K I’ll make sure to close all programs before playing Gmod.

Edit: nope, didn’t work even after I closed all programs

Check in processes for anything that might be locking all of the Lua files, or using them. (Such as notepad++, Scite, ect.)

How do I do that?!?
(newb question, sorry)
Just check with programs I might have downloaded?

No, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and click Processes (Task Manager should come up.)

What OS are you using. And what antivirus softwares are you using?