Something wrong with

Just wondering I have looked and it seems everytime I tried to upload and I get errors… even though its an zip… I dunno whats wrong really.

File wasn't a zip file! (application/octet-stream) ([You will find out when I upload it :P])
Zip File Function error: Can't open file

Even though I made sure it was an zip :\

What program are you compressing the file with?
I’m not sure but are you trying to upload this file:


If you are, that is not an zip file, nor a file which should be on
I’ve never uploaded anything to so I don’t know if that’s just an error file or something.

No thats not the file… the file I am uploading is not literally the name but you get it

Besides from what I have seen no one has uploaded anything for 9 days now on there… which is odd for that site :stuck_out_tongue: