Something wrong with Old Rust

Hi ive been playing old rust for around 70 hours now and its been really fun playing that since alot of peoples computers cannot handle new rust. But now when i load it you cant even see the Old rust option. Could you get to work on fixing this? Thanks.


go on your steam library , right click on rust , properties > betas > legacy

Did not work for me. Legacy Rust did not launch.

Seriously FP why would you take away our option to play Legacy? There are still a lot of us playing it. Why not wait until you make new Rust playable on Mac and on more PCs before you ban us from playing Legacy? Or was this just a mistake?

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Facepunch - you killed legacy - for me at least. I am on a Mac - can any PC users play Legacy?

I start Steam, then change Rust by going Right-click/properties and opt in to the Legacy beta.

When I launch Rust by hitting Play - it brings up Steams’s launching window (“preparing to launch Rust”).

That window closes and nothing happens. I restarted Steam too.

Let us play legacy until you fix the performance (and Mac Issues) of new Rust - please.

EDIT: deleting Rust local content in Steam, then reinstalling in Steam worked. Then I had to rebind all my keys.

I tried it on my PC and it still works if I change it to Legacy in Properties, update it, and then play it. It got stuck on a grey screen with Garry’s logo for a minute but then went to the main Legacy loading screen.

I play Rust Legacy about 1300hours and am addicted to it…
I play it on a mac with the same problem now…
i hope this get fixed soon, please :frowning:


I figured out you have to rebind the keys in the main Rust menu.

Can you get Rust to start? Evo?

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\Legacy\cfg and delete client.cfg. This will recreate the default mouse/key bindings.