Something wrong

I have a problem,as i just learned some mapping,and am making my first map,but i have a problem. See,i made first two blocks and the spawn point. I decided to test the map and everything went normal. But then i saw that i forgot to “box in” the map(you know,to prevent the blurry duplicating stuff). So i made a little hill using the displacement,and added the walls and ceiling,plus one mode block as displacements don’t seal the map in. So i save,and test the map,the map compiles,and in the game it still is the same as the first test! All blurry,like i never added the walls! I close hammer and reopen the file and everything is normal,so i delete everything except the .vmf and open it. Walls are there,ceiling is there. I test the map and same problem. But in the end of compiling window it says something about Windows reporting that there is no file. I click ok and the game runs. But again map is like first edition. I checked,no new .bsp was created but the map uses the old version i deleted. Can it happen that there is another copy of the old .bsp somewhere?

Um, what? From what I can understand, the map isn’t compiling due to some sort of issue. It would be helpful if you tried to compile it again and paste the compile here so that we can see what the problem is. The map isn’t compiling so the bsp file isn’t changing and that’s why it’s using the old version.
Just paste the compile here.

You’ve got a leak somewhere. Click on Map in the toolbar and then click Load Pointfile. Then load the default pointfile. You’ll see a red line that goes from the nearest entity to the source of the leak. Then attempt to seal in the map from there. Remember that displacements don’t seal maps so if that displacement is used as the floor, that’s where the leak is coming from. If all else fails, just make a giant hollowed out box with the Skybox texture applied, completely around the map for testing.

Add the compile log here so we can see that is going on. Remember that when making your skybox seal, to make sure everything is lined up and tight, so there are no gaps between brushes. Also, spaces in the map name might cause the map not to compile, stick with underscores if you have to put a space in.

Here it is:

And i clicked load pointfile and for some reason the red line goes from the player into nothing(void)
Can it be caused by the map having no skybox and the ceiling being transparent. I put a fat block under the displacement,so it shouldn’t be that. The player spawn point is leaking. How can a FLOATING entity leak?

There’s your problem, the red line from the point file is going to the void, no entities should be able to “leak” into the void at all, this will cause leaks.

You also have a bad displacement-
Displacement 2 has bad geometry near -1088.00 -32.00 0.17

Remake that one. Remember, displacements must have 4 sides.