Something you really need to fix (soon if you can)

Alot of people are using this hack or bug or glitch or something like that, this “thing” let you put boxes or walls or foundations where ever you want.
3 guys just did it to me and my friends the climbed into our buildings with flying boxes like stairs.

please fix it, its really annoying

Sorry for my english

Stop posting about this. Search before you post. You are going to get banned, this has been posted on the forums hundreds of times.

(User was banned for this post ("dumb back-seat moderating" - postal))

he won get banned the thread will most likely be locked

Sadly an old glitch but will be fixed long enough.

Best visit the game once a month to see “What is new”

Why do people think backseat moderating is smart?

“You are going to get banned!” and then said person never gets banned. I mean hey he should have searched but newer members can’t know everything.