somethings broken (again lol)

alright i have another problem ever since i got tf2 2 weeks ago yesterday, i went to play garrys mod and somethign happened what happned was i went to single player and when i started it up i went and spawned one of my css weps and it abears and i can see it proply but for some reason when i shot it comes up notices up the top right hand of the screen saying stack overflow does anyone know how to fix this?


and also i hear no sound and no ammo uses

Re install Garry’s mod.
Hurr Durr…

What…what the fuck? I can hardly read this due to your spelling and having tf2 doesn’t do shit to gmod. “i cannot see it properly” is not descriptive. Go with cheesey and reinstall.

dont worry now i found out hwo to fix it by my self just remove the weapon extend lua file and its abck to normal