Something's wrong with "allowed =" darkrp

Trying to set up different things for drug dealers and bartenders to buy. These were working before as shipments, but now I am setting them to be singles because otherwise they will be spawned in by the police armory.

Code goes such as:
DarkRP.createShipment(“Beer”, {
model = “models/drug_mod/alcohol_can.mdl”,
entity = “durgz_alcohol”,
price = 1500,
amount = 10,
separate = false, (I set this to true and false, neither fixed this)
pricesep = 1500,
noship = true,
category = “Drinks”,
allowed = {TEAM_BARTENDER}

however, I go to my f4 menu, and there it is. I can not only see the “beer” but any job can purchase it.

Any help is appreciated, I’ve never run into this issue before

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Bump, this is the only problem on my server and it is absolutely killing me now.

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Also, if it helps, here’s my category:

name = “Drinks”,
categorises = “weapons”,
startExpanded = false,
color = Color(34, 85, 85, 255),
canSee = function(ply) return table.HasValue({TEAM_BARTENDER}, ply:Team()) end,
sortOrder = 6