somethings wrong with my game

just small little things that are starting to bug me. i’ll list them

1: every time i go underwater i see a little tab thing come up displaying air, coolent, heat (and something else) and i know this is from the spacebuild addon but for the life of me i don’t know how to get rid of it

2: i downloaded this swep called “talk?” where you can make your player say stuff like the chesse thing
but i can’t get rid of this

3: the w_model for the phys gun is just white

4: and various other things in addons that just wont install and are not in browse either

think you guys could help me out?

this might be in the wrong section, i don’t know

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Get a clean copy of Garrysmod.



The underwater thing is from Resource Distribution and Life Support, or just one of those two. It is not from the Spacebuild addon, although obviously they are used in it.

well ok that doesn’t sound to drastic…
but when i put all my addons back into their folders will i have to sit and watch that damn “rebuilding icon picture” thing that takes ages or will it just open up fine?

You’ll have to rebuild all of them.