Something's wrong with my mount.cfg?

I’m trying to mount a few games for my server so that the content can be used. However, even after I add this to my server, the content still isn’t spawnable and isn’t mounted.

// This determines what content the server tries to mount.
// Content in folders outside of "gmodbase" will only be loaded if
// files for the corresponding game are installed on the machine.
// Two slashes at the beginning of a line means that the line won't
// be processed.
	"cstrike"          "C:\Users\root\Documents\Server Stuff\Resources\Content\cstrike"
	"dod"              "C:\Users\root\Documents\Server Stuff\Resources\Content\dod"
	"tf"               "C:\Users\root\Documents\Server Stuff\Resources\Content	f"
	"hl2mp"            "C:\Users\root\Documents\Server Stuff\Resources\Content\hl2mp"
	"ep2"              "C:\Users\root\Documents\Server Stuff\Resources\Content\ep2"
	"episodic"         "C:\Users\root\Documents\Server Stuff\Resources\Content\episodic"

The games are at the specified location, am I missing something? Read the bottom section.