Something's Wrong With my "Watchdog Timer"?

Many games I play on my computer crash at completely random times, and I’m not sure why. Every time my computer boots up it reminds me that the Watchdog Timer function is currently disabled. I’m not too tech-savvy, so I’m clueless as to what this means or what I should do. If any of you know what’s wrong and can help me fix this problem, I would greatly appreciate it!

Can you put a screenshot of what the file contain ?

I can’t seem to pinpoint a specific file. My disabled “Watchdog Timer” is just making many games spontaneously crash.

Ah, sorry i misunderstood your problem :confused:
Try this;

Restart your computer, go to your BIOS by taping F2 or check wich buton is to open the BIOS, then shearch BIOS, and check if WDT is enabled. Navigate with arrow keys

May help you: HowTo

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I got to some kind of screen by pressing either F1 or F10 that related to “BIOS”, but I didn’t find anything within it that said WDT. I’ll try again with F2 and update this comment with further details.

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UPDATE: For some reason, my system doesn’t open up the correct BIOS menu that everyone else is apparently able to access. F1, F2, and F12 all open up this seemingly unusual menu that doesn’t mention WDT anywhere.

(I say it’s unusual because the only image of it I could find comes from this obscure YouTube video’s thumbnail)

I really don’t know what to do then :confused:
Maybe it’s a hardware driver problem or it’sa BIOS bug, i can’t help you on it :confused:

Does your computer blue screen or totally shut off? If there is no blue screen get a program like SpeedFan and check your computer temperature. Let us know the results.

I’m only having problems with figuring out how to access the unreasonably elusive WDT options. My computer fan and whatnot seem fine.

Check this out maybe it will help you

Reinstalling my entire OS? Wouldn’t that wipe all my data?


I have no idea. I know nothing about hardware-software interactions.

Naah, just try to enable WDT.
Doing thing below disable WDT, but maybe you can enable by going there:

That’s a great idea! I’ll see if that works.

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Oh, wait a minute. Do those instructions still apply to this? My problem was that I couldn’t access the real BIOS menu. I keep ending up on whatever the hell this is.

Should be try to enable it and see if you can access

Just did a few minutes ago. The maintenance tab is definitely there, but there’s no “Watchdog Timer Support” within it.

Never heard of a Watchdog timer, just trying to give general support. Can you reupload that image with your PC temperatures? It’s missing.

Also, makes sure you’re not on the latest nvidia drivers because they are unstable, try using the nvidia GeForce driver version 362.00. That one is know to be stable.

A watchdog timer is apparently

So if your computer is crashing because of a watchdog timer, then maybe something is wrong?

Perhaps this will help you: