sometimes can't view workshop items

sometimes when i try to view an item i get

this is one of the items i’m trying to view

yes i am logged in and yes i have the beta

i can subscript to the item from the listing and it downloads

it seems to be mostly on older addons

EDIT: okay it seems to happen on addons with an id under 25001

EDIT2: ok i found some addons above 25001 that don’t work but exist and its not just garry’s mod addons that are bugged

I’ve been having this issue too. No idea what’s going on. Not sure about the ID being under 23001 though.

Still broken.

Need to probably report this to whomever at Valve handles steam workshop then.

EDIT: Did some more research onto it. There are IMPORTANT license incompatibilities between Steam Workshop’s license and some of the licenses that the authors use. A lot of said workshop mods could have just been taken down due to it.