"Sometimes, civilization has to be brought back with violence"- guys in a wasteland shed.

Couldn’t think of a good title, so this gotta do.


I’m not really much of a writer but I felt like typing it.

I’m really proud on how this turned out honestly, mostly because the original is a mess of (nearly) fullbright–ness:


Yea, I didn’t choose a proper map as this idea just popped in my head and I had to use it while it was fresh.

Also have a bonus that I never bothered posting:


As always, C&C and ratings are highly appreciated.

the only genuinely good thing about the edit is that it improved the original hundred-fold, and that’s rare, but it is a general rule that you work with already decent material

eg. make poses that would be good posted as-is, only edit them then

I dunno, a lot of the stuff I do looks fucking awful before I edit it.

Aside from that, it came out really nicely - the lighting is great.

What did you use for the sling of the right guy?

Just go make your own ragdolled rope. :buddy:

guy on the far right looks like he’s high :v:

It’s nice but it has some problems, like weird blur and aliasing issues and the textures make the guys look like their clothes are made of concrete.

It’s very nice.

i didn’t notice it was supposed to be a first person perspective until i looked at the original

Nice details on the first one.

I like it.

This is awesome. I love the stuff you do.

Why is the guy in the denim jacket high

Well after all the poses I did I can say that I usually tend to disobey this rule and just have an urge to use bad originals.
Probably for the challenge of making something good out of it :v:.