Sometimes I hate fraps

Appareantly my fraps did not record the parts of the movie I am making like I wanted. Instead of recording them it instead recorded the things I did between each clips.
Now I need to remake everything!
How can I make sure I see when it’s recording and not, without showing any signs on the video?

The Fraps icon on the taskbar is changed everytime you are recording. Though this will not work on fullscreen games. The FPS counter is the only thing.

It turns red(?) when recording so you can see when you are recording without the counter showing up in the movie.

Oh man… Oh well. Next time I’ll go in windowed mode and check it as I am recording.
Thanks for the help, do you guys want a link to the video or no? :v:

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Oh something went wrong. The resolution is wrong!

Anyone know what happened?

If the resolution is wrong, check if you have selected Half-Size or Full-Size on Video Capture Options.

I have it on full size. One of the problems might be that my screen resolution is …something else than 1280 or whatever it is