"Sometimes, the game just... zooms right through you."


Pay your debts or I will make you pay them.

Oh my god, the guy with that grin

He’s a pilgrin


Seriously it looks like a pilgrim hat almost


Are you on meth?


The guy on the left’s has some kind of a retard look, just stare at it for a while, you’ll get what im saying

Why can I just see the railing break right now.

It makes me smile.

Is the red thing by the (soon to be?)executed dude blood?

It’s bloom.

I wanna suck a gun barrel.

I like the scene, but the lighting could be improved, try playing around with the color balance and contrast, it would give the picture an awesome feeling.

I actually didn’t have photoshop installed.

So I think I’ll edit it with some photoshop.