Sometimes when a player joins the server the player cant see the HUD and the F3/F4 menus don"t work?

Sometimes when a player joins my server running the gamemode I’m working on they can’t see the HUD or use the F3/F4 menu like the title says. When this happens I have to mess up the lua code in the gamemode any kind of way in both the server and client side files so that people get script errors, save them, then fix the files back and then the player’s HUD and F3/F4 menu ect. work like normal. This only happens for roughly 1/35 players that join. If you know how to fix this problem then please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Check server, any errors ?

When people start joining ill look for an error, I remember seeing an error in rcon sometimes when someone would join but I don’t remember exactly what it says, I think its something like couldn’t load cl_init.lua, file does not exist.

yeah the player gets a lua error that says basically the player couldn’t include the cl_init file because it was not found <nowhere>

That happens to me whenever I’m doing a lot of editing, seems like it corrupts the hashes or something the lua cache is using so it doesn’t properly send the files that were being edited. When it starts happening the only thing I found to fix it is resetting the map after I’m done editing.

That would explain a lot because I am constantly updating the code because I’m still making the gamemode while people are playing it. Thank you.

I recommend editing it all on a test server then adding it all at once so its nothing more than a restart for your players.